14 March 2015

Topshop Sheer Lips Review & Swatches

Hey there! I haven't been active lately, partly because I haven't been shopping for makeup lots. I was planning to do reviews and swatches of products that have been with me for quite some time, because hey, I would be really familiar with the products wouldn't I? But I didn't get around to it. Haha.

Anyways, I went to this Topshop Student Lates event in Brisbane City and they were giving out free beef burgers and ciders and popcorns. Everything was on 20% off for the night. Had a great time looking around and doing a bit of shopping. I was drawn to their makeup section - the clearance section to be specific. I've always known their makeup was good quality, and there's this rumour circulating the Internet regarding Topshop makeup being owned by Estee Lauder companies. I have messaged them and have yet to find out. (No wonder their makeup quality is amazing?) So, I was thinking if they are on sale, why not?

I bought a couple of lippies but I'm only going to review the Sheer Lips range in this post. I can tell you they're amazing. I think they can be comparable to Chanel Rouge Coco Shine or the YSL Volupte Sheer Candy lippies in terms of finish and pigmentation. There could be tons of sheer lipsticks out there that I've yet to try. Really, I don't think anybody can go wrong with sheer lipsticks unless the application is really patchy.

You may or may not get these in stores anymore depending on the availability and because these are sale items, but they always come up with new shades for the new season so they're worth checking out. 

The Topshop Sheer Lips are smooth and hydrating. They're perfect for everyday wear, adding just a hint of colour to your lips without being over the top. Don't let the bright colours in the tube scare you, for they apply really sheer and are quite easy to pull off. Really, I haven't got anything to complain about these. They don't smell funny or anything so yeah, and I might get some more. 

The colours I've gotten are Nuclear, Play with Fire, Alibi, and Hunky Dory. 

Nuclear is a bright coral pink, Play with Fire is a bright orange, Alibi is baby neutral pink and Hunky Dory is a neutral nude shade with multi-coloured glitter. 

Sometimes I think they should come up with corresponding names for their lipsticks. Like a sequel, you know? They can maybe then pair them up and sell them as a set or something so they'll rake in more revenue. Take Play with Fire for instance, why can't they name another matching dark brown shade to go with it by the name of So Get Burnt Mthrfckr? I'm pretty sure it'll be a hit. 

On to the swatches: 

The packaging is so mod. The tubes are matte black. So, so cool. Love the Topshop makeup packaging to bits. Oh, and you wouldn't have to worry when you take it with you in public or if people are wondering if you're using your grandma's lipstick. 

 L - R : Nuclear, Play with Fire, Alibi, Hunky Dory. 

 L - R : Nuclear, Play with Fire, Alibi, Hunky Dory. 

 L - R : Nuclear, Play with Fire, Alibi, Hunky Dory. 


Play with Fire


Hunky Dory

Have  you tried Topshop Sheer Lips yet? What are you waiting for?! I can guarantee you won't be disappointed! 

Hope you're having a great weekend! 

Lots of hugs and kisses,