13 June 2015

Australis METALLIX Eyeshadow Swatches

I've just spotted these in Priceline and boy am I excited! They're the new Australis METALLIX eyeshadows. Creamy, cool and soft to the touch that comes in six gorgeous shades. I swatched them at the store and did not purchase any. I'm waiting for a sale hehe. I'm afraid I can't review these because I haven't tried them on my eyes and do not know if these would crease. Or for how many hours these would last. But the colours are just plain gorgeous for a night out or if you're bored sitting at home playing with makeup! (Come on, I couldn't be the only one) 

They are also named after influential artist but not specifically those in the metal genre. I was expecting ACDC, Sepultura, KISS or even Linkin' Park cause they obviously play metal? Lady Gaga, P. Diddy, Jay Z, Lana Del Rey? Those are all R&B / pop singers.. BUT ANYWAYS it doesn't really matter. The shades are gorgeous still. 

L-R : Gold Gaga, Lana Del Grey, Jay Zed, Guns and Rose Petals, Plum Diddy, Pearl Jammin'. 

L-R : Gold Gaga, Lana Del Grey, Jay Zed, Guns and Rose Petals, Plum Diddy, Pearl Jammin'. 
Top to Bottom : Lana Del Grey, Guns and Rose Petals, Pearl Jammin', Gold Gaga, Jay Zed, Plum Diddy. 

These retail at AUD$8.95 each. I am eyeing Jay Zed (olive green which really brings out brown eyes) and Plum Diddy (plum brings out brown eyes as well). Heck, I want them all. They ALL ARE GORGEOUS!




Roger & Gallet Fragrances Haul & Review

I am a sucker for non-commercial fragrances. Not only the mass market ones are loaded with full of chemicals which make you want to sneeze the first whiff you get and give you other reactions, why would you want to smell like anybody else?

Did you know that chemicals from perfumes absorb quickly into the skin is the most cancerous of all cosmetics? I've discovered a site a while ago and you can check for the toxicity of your cosmetics at Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

Not that I really care but I feel like they promote mass market perfumes too much such as celebrity fragrances and it has become too mainstream. It just doesn't feel personal anymore. Ya feel me? Anyways I was at David Jones a couple weeks back, maybe two months ago and stumbled across this really awesome brand Roger & Gallet. Unfortunately, they are pulling out of Australia and are not going to be available at David Jones anymore. 

Roger & Gallet is a French brand. Their products and branding are very similar to L'occitane. Think natural, fruity, floral body washes, body lotions, soaps, and fragrances. 

I am in love with these. They retail originally at AUS$21 but were on clearance for half price, for AUS$10.50 each. If not mistaken. There weren't any testers but I had a good feeling about these so I just bought all six that were in 30ml. They are non offensive and smell not as synthetic as the mass market ones. They are light and probably last on my skin for about 2-3 hours before it starts to fade. Bear in mind these are all "fresh fragrant waters" as they put it. Most of them are unisex, it really depends on how you interpret the scents and this is really something draws me to them as well. It's just so versatile! 

Anyways, on to the pictures. Just the packaging themselves are so classy! 

From left to right, the fragrances with a brief description of their scent:

1. Bois d'Orange, musky orange with a woody undertone. 

2. Rose, fresh green, rose. 

3. Jean Marie Farina Eau de Cologne, spicy citrus.

4. Cédrat, fresh citrus. 

5. Gingembre, warm ginger. (I am absolutely loving this for winter. I would say this is one of the most unique scents I've ever come across and it is just so comforting smelling it)

6. Thé Vert, green tea. 

I find that odd numbers lean towards a little more masculine and even numbers a little more feminine. This is just my opinion but they can all be worn by both genders. 

For a more elaborate description you can log onto their website Roger et Gallet.

L-R : Bois d'Orange, Rose, Jean Marie Farina, Cédrat, Gingembre, Thé vert.

L-R : Bois d'Orange, Rose, Jean Marie Farina, Cédrat, Gingembre, Thé vert.

Have you tried any of Roger & Gallet products? Let me know!