13 June 2015

Australis METALLIX Eyeshadow Swatches

I've just spotted these in Priceline and boy am I excited! They're the new Australis METALLIX eyeshadows. Creamy, cool and soft to the touch that comes in six gorgeous shades. I swatched them at the store and did not purchase any. I'm waiting for a sale hehe. I'm afraid I can't review these because I haven't tried them on my eyes and do not know if these would crease. Or for how many hours these would last. But the colours are just plain gorgeous for a night out or if you're bored sitting at home playing with makeup! (Come on, I couldn't be the only one) 

They are also named after influential artist but not specifically those in the metal genre. I was expecting ACDC, Sepultura, KISS or even Linkin' Park cause they obviously play metal? Lady Gaga, P. Diddy, Jay Z, Lana Del Rey? Those are all R&B / pop singers.. BUT ANYWAYS it doesn't really matter. The shades are gorgeous still. 

L-R : Gold Gaga, Lana Del Grey, Jay Zed, Guns and Rose Petals, Plum Diddy, Pearl Jammin'. 

L-R : Gold Gaga, Lana Del Grey, Jay Zed, Guns and Rose Petals, Plum Diddy, Pearl Jammin'. 
Top to Bottom : Lana Del Grey, Guns and Rose Petals, Pearl Jammin', Gold Gaga, Jay Zed, Plum Diddy. 

These retail at AUD$8.95 each. I am eyeing Jay Zed (olive green which really brings out brown eyes) and Plum Diddy (plum brings out brown eyes as well). Heck, I want them all. They ALL ARE GORGEOUS!




Roger & Gallet Fragrances Haul & Review

I am a sucker for non-commercial fragrances. Not only the mass market ones are loaded with full of chemicals which make you want to sneeze the first whiff you get and give you other reactions, why would you want to smell like anybody else?

Did you know that chemicals from perfumes absorb quickly into the skin is the most cancerous of all cosmetics? I've discovered a site a while ago and you can check for the toxicity of your cosmetics at Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

Not that I really care but I feel like they promote mass market perfumes too much such as celebrity fragrances and it has become too mainstream. It just doesn't feel personal anymore. Ya feel me? Anyways I was at David Jones a couple weeks back, maybe two months ago and stumbled across this really awesome brand Roger & Gallet. Unfortunately, they are pulling out of Australia and are not going to be available at David Jones anymore. 

Roger & Gallet is a French brand. Their products and branding are very similar to L'occitane. Think natural, fruity, floral body washes, body lotions, soaps, and fragrances. 

I am in love with these. They retail originally at AUS$21 but were on clearance for half price, for AUS$10.50 each. If not mistaken. There weren't any testers but I had a good feeling about these so I just bought all six that were in 30ml. They are non offensive and smell not as synthetic as the mass market ones. They are light and probably last on my skin for about 2-3 hours before it starts to fade. Bear in mind these are all "fresh fragrant waters" as they put it. Most of them are unisex, it really depends on how you interpret the scents and this is really something draws me to them as well. It's just so versatile! 

Anyways, on to the pictures. Just the packaging themselves are so classy! 

From left to right, the fragrances with a brief description of their scent:

1. Bois d'Orange, musky orange with a woody undertone. 

2. Rose, fresh green, rose. 

3. Jean Marie Farina Eau de Cologne, spicy citrus.

4. Cédrat, fresh citrus. 

5. Gingembre, warm ginger. (I am absolutely loving this for winter. I would say this is one of the most unique scents I've ever come across and it is just so comforting smelling it)

6. Thé Vert, green tea. 

I find that odd numbers lean towards a little more masculine and even numbers a little more feminine. This is just my opinion but they can all be worn by both genders. 

For a more elaborate description you can log onto their website Roger et Gallet.

L-R : Bois d'Orange, Rose, Jean Marie Farina, Cédrat, Gingembre, Thé vert.

L-R : Bois d'Orange, Rose, Jean Marie Farina, Cédrat, Gingembre, Thé vert.

Have you tried any of Roger & Gallet products? Let me know!



01 April 2015

Red My Lips 2015

Hey, how is it going? Happy April Fools and hope you guys had a good laugh at  yourself of somebody else you were trying to prank. I don't have anything up my sleeves today, no jokes no pranks today because I'm dedicating this post to Red My Lips 2015. Every April throughout the whole month, red lipstick will be worn as a symbol to raise awareness regarding sexual violence, rape and victim blaming. It has been running for 3 years now and I've only just found out. I think it's a really good campaign for people to gain respect and know that one can wear whatever they want (or not wear anything at all) without inviting assault.

For those who can't wear red lips, you can incorporate some form of red lip accessory to your outfit - a brooch, temporary tattoo or one that I find cute is to paint your nails with red lips. It's an international event in conjunction with Sexual Assault Awareness Month so everyone can participate!

You can read about the campaign here in detail :




So I was thinking, there are 30 days in April and I only have 3 really red lipsticks with me right now. I might need to get more or I'll have to use them in rotation which is boring. Apart from promoting this campaign, I have a little tip on wearing red lipstick. Because red is so pigmented, I blot my lips first with the lipstick, then apply another layer. This way there's already an outline and it's easier to layer it. There are matte lip creams for a long lasting pout such as Australis Velour Lips, Savvy Ultra Matte Lip Colour or even NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams which I've been thinking of getting! I suppose pigmented red lips not only make a statement but reinforces the campaign you're supporting don't you think? Also, cool-toned and warm-toned reds do have different effects on the overall complexion. So start buying red lippies or better yet, donate to the cause! Either way, have fun and get the word out!

Red lipstick from this Revlon compact that is so so amazing, Elizabeth Arden lipstick in Brick, Topshop  lipstick in Trigger. 

L-R: Revlon Multi-Use Palette (cool-toned cherry red), Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Brick (warm-toned red), Topshop Creamy Finish Lipstick in Trigger (cool-toned deep red). 

Blotting before applying reduces mistakes. 

Adding a layer after blotting equals perfect pout! 

Revlon Multi-Purpose Palette.  

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Brick. 

Topshop Creamy Finish Lipstick in Trigger. 

 Hope you enjoyed the post and have a great Easter weekend!



14 March 2015

Topshop Sheer Lips Review & Swatches

Hey there! I haven't been active lately, partly because I haven't been shopping for makeup lots. I was planning to do reviews and swatches of products that have been with me for quite some time, because hey, I would be really familiar with the products wouldn't I? But I didn't get around to it. Haha.

Anyways, I went to this Topshop Student Lates event in Brisbane City and they were giving out free beef burgers and ciders and popcorns. Everything was on 20% off for the night. Had a great time looking around and doing a bit of shopping. I was drawn to their makeup section - the clearance section to be specific. I've always known their makeup was good quality, and there's this rumour circulating the Internet regarding Topshop makeup being owned by Estee Lauder companies. I have messaged them and have yet to find out. (No wonder their makeup quality is amazing?) So, I was thinking if they are on sale, why not?

I bought a couple of lippies but I'm only going to review the Sheer Lips range in this post. I can tell you they're amazing. I think they can be comparable to Chanel Rouge Coco Shine or the YSL Volupte Sheer Candy lippies in terms of finish and pigmentation. There could be tons of sheer lipsticks out there that I've yet to try. Really, I don't think anybody can go wrong with sheer lipsticks unless the application is really patchy.

You may or may not get these in stores anymore depending on the availability and because these are sale items, but they always come up with new shades for the new season so they're worth checking out. 

The Topshop Sheer Lips are smooth and hydrating. They're perfect for everyday wear, adding just a hint of colour to your lips without being over the top. Don't let the bright colours in the tube scare you, for they apply really sheer and are quite easy to pull off. Really, I haven't got anything to complain about these. They don't smell funny or anything so yeah, and I might get some more. 

The colours I've gotten are Nuclear, Play with Fire, Alibi, and Hunky Dory. 

Nuclear is a bright coral pink, Play with Fire is a bright orange, Alibi is baby neutral pink and Hunky Dory is a neutral nude shade with multi-coloured glitter. 

Sometimes I think they should come up with corresponding names for their lipsticks. Like a sequel, you know? They can maybe then pair them up and sell them as a set or something so they'll rake in more revenue. Take Play with Fire for instance, why can't they name another matching dark brown shade to go with it by the name of So Get Burnt Mthrfckr? I'm pretty sure it'll be a hit. 

On to the swatches: 

The packaging is so mod. The tubes are matte black. So, so cool. Love the Topshop makeup packaging to bits. Oh, and you wouldn't have to worry when you take it with you in public or if people are wondering if you're using your grandma's lipstick. 

 L - R : Nuclear, Play with Fire, Alibi, Hunky Dory. 

 L - R : Nuclear, Play with Fire, Alibi, Hunky Dory. 

 L - R : Nuclear, Play with Fire, Alibi, Hunky Dory. 


Play with Fire


Hunky Dory

Have  you tried Topshop Sheer Lips yet? What are you waiting for?! I can guarantee you won't be disappointed! 

Hope you're having a great weekend! 

Lots of hugs and kisses, 


24 November 2014

Ulta3 Watercolour Nail Polish Limited Edition Review and Swatches

Hey there! I'm happy to present to you the Ulta3 Watercolour nail polish. It's perfect for summer and the colours just brighten up your day. I bought the set when I saw that it was available at Terry White Chemists. There are 5 nail polishes in the set; Lily White, a cream matte white (solid colour), while the rest are watercolour / tints in Seeing Red, Marine Blue, Cello Yellow and Peek-a-boo Purple. The complete set retails for $10 and all the polishes are in full size. It's a steal compared to the OPI sheer tints in which you only get 4 mini sized bottles at $24.95.

There are so many ways to wear this - the possibilities are endless, making it really versatile. You can use it as a background for nail stamping or free-hand designs, or even wear it on its own as it is real cool the way it is. Polkadots, tartan, stripes, abstract patterns, you name it! I find that the watercolour effect polishes do bubble up, and they never really dry up, or they take quite a while to dry. A layer of top coat speeds the process of drying time and creates a solid barrier for the polishes.

Onto the photos!

They look brilliant under the sun. A glitter top coat adds more interest and pulls the whole look together. 

 The Ulta3 Watercolour Nail Polish Set. 
The OPI Pirouette My Whistle which I used as a glitter top coat. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this set. It was fun, quick and easy, and really brightens up my day! Get it before it sells out as these are limited edition! Everyone seems to be asking for these and it's all the rage now! Have fun and go crazy! 



19 November 2014

Long Lasting Nail Polish?

It's been a while. I've been busy, with shifting, studies, exams, assignments, you get the idea. Anyways, I'm all settled down now and have been staying in Australia for the last 4 months or so. It's great here, really, except for the lack of international brands in their markets. I've been deprived of my shopping for so long I can't even remember the excitement and adrenaline rush of shopping in a proper shopping mall. People are nice in general. Moderate paced, polite and courteous at most times. A totally different environment from where I spent the last 5 years of my life, which is Kuala Lumpur. Apart from being a shopping haven, I honestly don't think Kuala Lumpur is fit for living.

Anyways, I have all the time in the world now so I better update the beauty products that have made its way home to me. I'm going to list the brands that I've tried here and I'll do individual reviews or combined ones if I see fit. I finally tried Lush, the ever so popular, almost-free-of-preservatives beauty brand. I've discovered Ulta3 that is well-known for their nail polishes. I've also got to experiment with Illamasqua cosmetics, got myself a bottle of their polish, and boy, they wear like steel. Local brands like Australis, Face of Australia (oh, even Napolean Perdis) are not bad at all. Speaking of which, Australis came out with an AC on Tour Contour and Highlight Kit that is very similar to the Anastasia contour kit at a fraction of a price. I've managed to snag myself one last palette I believe and it's been sold out ever since - all the Pricelines I went to did not stock it and it wasn't available on their website either.

And yes, Priceline is a popular drugstore but I feel they're more like a makeup store than a pharmacy, really. You'll see loads of young girls from students to working adults, mostly women, at the makeup aisles who are more concerned with beauty. Other drugstores (or chemists as they call it here) are populated with more mature consumers, from working adults to retirees, both men and women who will be hanging around the fish oil area, or some vitamin / supplements area. I swear the Marketing Research subject is making my brain compartmentalise everything even though the semester is over.

But, it's much easier typing away without having to reference anything and I can do it with passion. I went crazy today and bought myself many bottles of nail polish. I've been wondering these few days, which is the best, long lasting nail polish? Particularly a vampy red shade. Because who would like to re-touch their nail polish every two days? Chipped nails do not only look unkempt, it's disgraceful. I've done some research on the Internet, and lo and behold the best nail polish that in terms of long lasting as voted by consumers is a $2 cheapie, Sinful Colors (In the US, in Australia it's AU$4.95.) The most expensive Chanel nail polish ranked second last in the nominated polishes. Surprise, surprise. Covergirl, Sally Hansen, and Revlon among others made it to the list as well. I particularly liked the video in this link.

I've been asking some friends around for the best long lasting polishes, and I got responses such as Bourjois So Laque and Skinfood (Korean brand) Nail Vita polish. I tried looking for the Bourjois one in Priceline as they had this 2-day 40% off all cosmetics sale. But they've sold out on vampy red shades. I'm a sucker for vampy red shades cause it's sexy. And fierce. And feminine. I could go on. I know this is post is so wordy, but my absence is similar to a friend you haven't seen in ages and there's loads to catch up on!

Here are two pictures of my haul today. I'm really excited about the Ulta3 Watercolour nail polishes that everyone is asking about. They're all the rage! Hint: They're dupes for the OPI Sheer Tints. They're available at Terry White Chemists so hurry and get yours as these are limited edition!

(L-R) Sets: Issey Miyake Pleats Please Nail Polish Set, Ulta3 Special Effects Watercolour Nail Polish Set.

(L-R) Individual Bottles: Maxfactor Nailfinity in Ruby Fruit, Covergirl in Wine Stain, Sinful Colors in Georgia, Sinful Colours in Kissy, Maybelline in Fuchsia Fever, Maybelline in Blue Freeeze.

I believe the Issey Miyake Pleats Please one was a gift with purchase together with the perfume of the same name, but they were selling it in Cosmetics and Fragrances Direct as is. Sinful Colors discontinued the colour that I bought which is Georgia, a deep vampy red. (It's not on their website anymore) I wonder why. It's such a gorgeous, luxurious, timeless, elegant, and expensive looking shade. It's the last bottle in the clearance section and I was so glad I managed to find it. I hope Sinful Colors will consider re-producing Georgia as well as other classic colours like Mirror Mirror and Truth or Dare. It's terribly wrong to discontinue these shades and for such a price and most importantly being long lasting, I would be a loyal consumer. For life!

So, my question to you is, which are the longest lasting nail polishes that you swear by? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you!



12 May 2014

Avon Over Nature Makeup Palette

This all new makeup palette contains 4 eyeshadows, 2 blushes and 2 applicator brushes housed in a beautiful purple orchid print casing that is surprisingly sturdy. The eyeshadows and blushes are shaped to resemble the orchid and makes this palette all the more charming. This looks too good to pass up and I'm glad I did not because the pigmentation is very good. I got the one in Garden Voyage, pre-dominantly consisting of purple eyeshadows and coral blushes. The other palette we have in Malaysia is Ocean Flower, featuring slightly pinker blushes and turquoise / tan / black eyeshadows. In Australia and New Zealand however,  both these variants are not available. They have 'Tropical Dessert' which features pre-dominantly brown eyeshadows - which I think they should also market in our country. The Over Nature here in Malaysia also carries 8 spring-worthy lipstick shades housed in a similar purple orchid print casing, whereas 5 shades are sold in Aus & NZ.

Makeup Palette retails for RM49.90 (S&S RM54.80)

The Over Nature range is limited edition.

Below are the pictures of the all new AVON Over Nature Makeup Palette in Garden Voyage.

Swatches without flash.

Swatches with flash.

Just by looking at it makes me all feminine and happy. Doesn't it?