14 January 2014

Who Are Your True Friends?

Have you ever wondered who your true friends are? Especially when it comes to girls, it isn't easy. There's so much drama and strife going on in real life you'd think people you're dealing with emerged from fictional characters you see on TV. Scary isn't it?

You'd think that all these "girl" drama will disappear together with the adolescence once hitting adulthood. Think again. Some people stay fixated in their little adolescent world for God knows what reason.

I don't understand why some females want to be better than another (especially their close friends) in ALL aspects. I've always seen the world as a somewhat balanced place with people good at different things. (That's what makes each of us unique!) But I tell you, I've encountered girls who want to just be good at EVERYTHING! This creates strife among their own group of friends and of course, people are bound to get hurt. The problem could stem from their own insecurities but that doesn't give them the right to treat other girls as inferiors or doormats. What kind of friendship is this?

Some girls would want all the attention to themselves. Again, stemming from insecurities, but what do they get at the end of the day? Do the attention they get make them a better person? Make them feel secured in the long run? They'd just seek for more attention once they run out of it making them addicts to false security. And girls would do anything just to get attention at the expense of everyone around them. I'm not saying that it's bad, everybody needs some sort of attention - it's normal, but when girls seek it compulsively and want it every SINGLE time - they're bound not to get it at times - it makes them jealous, competitive and they'll never be true friends who'll be happy for you when something amazing happens in your life. Because they'd want it too, and they'd want it even better than what you have. True friends will be sincerely happy for you for all the wonderful little and big things that happen in your life.

The two-faced types are one of the worst. In front of you, they act all nice and sh*t but behind you, they say all sorts of things about you, insult you, judge you, question your every move, etc. Seriously, what's the point of being friends? If that's the sole purpose of them becoming friends, why bother? Do they think they'd always get away with it? A hypothetical situation would be girl A and girl B. Girl A loves shopping for lots of things be it branded or not. Hello? That's what girls love doing right? Girl B would b*tch about her to her bf judging her spending decisions like it's any of her business. Did Girl A borrow from Girl B to buy any of that stuff? Did Girl A owe Girl B any money AT ALL? Then why's Girl B talking so much? That ain't even Girl B's money at all. Why does Girl B care how Girl A spends her money? Mind-boggling.

If anything bad ever happens to any of these two-faced monsters, they lose all their friends in the process with nobody who "have their back", they deserve it. I'll be the first one to run cause I don't take no sh*t from anyone. At least not anymore.

Seriously, what intrigues me most is that these kind of things still happen in adulthood. Or early adulthood. Still, it's adulthood.

These above characteristics are just some of the most annoying people to me, the list isn't exhaustive and I'm sure you've encountered loads of girls who can't stop creating drama for you. :P
But one thing we can all agree on is that you don't need friends who take advantage of you, but see you as an equal, not someone who's inferior. That's the meaning of friendship!

I don't know about you, but I've got my homies - my girls whom I can always talk openly with about my problems and that I know they'll always be there for me. They're the ones who are truly happy for my successes be it small or big and I feel the same way for them too. There's no jealousy that conceives a hidden agenda to become better, as though it's a competition. Basically, there's no drama. Also, they're the ones whom I can go on crazy shopping sprees with. =)

If you're still stuck in toxic relationships I urge you to do yourself a favour and get out of it. You really don't need the emotional abuse and drama. I hope you find friends whom you can trust with your life. And if you feel you have any of the characteristics mentioned, easy, change for the better. Please treat your friends with more respect and you'll have friends for life!

If you're wondering why I'm writing this, I just feel I need to get it off my chest. That's the reason for creating a blog in the first place, right? This blog is about beauty mainly but I'll also post all other stuff that inspires me, making it a blog of more substance, hopefully.




  1. Women friendships are so complicated. I can count my TRUE friends on one hand. The rest are acquaintances, and I really don't interact with then much. Surround yourself with like minded people, and lose the drama. You're on the right path :)

    1. Thanks for the comment. At least it feels like I'm not the only female going through this!

  2. Please use comment luv when you comment on my blog so I can go straight to your site and read your latest post :)

  3. I've experienced that kind of girlfriend too. When I fought with a work mate (is a "he" who acts he knows everything and joking just to blame me for all things), this woman just blabbering, calling it my fault for fighting with him. Hello.. Did she know the reason? And then she made gossip around co-worker and made me look so bad.

    I know we must choose better girlfriend, and it's a hard work. My comment is outdated though, sorry