07 April 2014

Makeup Quality is Degrading!

I felt the need to say this as it's so unfair for the price we pay! Prices usually go up and never come down but the quality of makeup is degrading. In my free time when I don't blog I read a lot of reviews online of different products and recently I've been very interested in Revlon foundations. They're comparable to MAC. (And they smell the same, I've got MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer and did a sniff test side by side, they smell exactly the same!)

Apparently there was a reformulation of the Revlon Colorstay in early 2013. It doesn't perform as well as the previous version and the most disturbing thing I've seen in the reviews is that it transfers a lot after the reformulation! Yikes! It's a pet peeve to me so will have to try out the foundations again and see if they really transfer that much. 

I remember my maternal grandmother telling me she used to put on Max Factor foundation on her face before going out. They didn't have many brands at the time but it sounded like it was top quality and I never hear her mentioning anything about breaking out. She's now in her 80s and her face is still flawless and smooth. Better than mine! My late paternal grandmother used a lot of Elizabeth Arden she even had a train case that she carries along whenever she travels! Apparently that's what a lot of women did back then! How cute is that? I wish they produced cosmetics as good as those days. The quality of makeup is synonymous to that of cars; back in the day the steel was a lot harder and stronger but now, it's a lot weaker and softer. 

I think it's rant-worthy after searching high and low for a drugstore foundation that was almost perfect. 


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