24 November 2014

Ulta3 Watercolour Nail Polish Limited Edition Review and Swatches

Hey there! I'm happy to present to you the Ulta3 Watercolour nail polish. It's perfect for summer and the colours just brighten up your day. I bought the set when I saw that it was available at Terry White Chemists. There are 5 nail polishes in the set; Lily White, a cream matte white (solid colour), while the rest are watercolour / tints in Seeing Red, Marine Blue, Cello Yellow and Peek-a-boo Purple. The complete set retails for $10 and all the polishes are in full size. It's a steal compared to the OPI sheer tints in which you only get 4 mini sized bottles at $24.95.

There are so many ways to wear this - the possibilities are endless, making it really versatile. You can use it as a background for nail stamping or free-hand designs, or even wear it on its own as it is real cool the way it is. Polkadots, tartan, stripes, abstract patterns, you name it! I find that the watercolour effect polishes do bubble up, and they never really dry up, or they take quite a while to dry. A layer of top coat speeds the process of drying time and creates a solid barrier for the polishes.

Onto the photos!

They look brilliant under the sun. A glitter top coat adds more interest and pulls the whole look together. 

 The Ulta3 Watercolour Nail Polish Set. 
The OPI Pirouette My Whistle which I used as a glitter top coat. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this set. It was fun, quick and easy, and really brightens up my day! Get it before it sells out as these are limited edition! Everyone seems to be asking for these and it's all the rage now! Have fun and go crazy! 



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