01 April 2015

Red My Lips 2015

Hey, how is it going? Happy April Fools and hope you guys had a good laugh at  yourself of somebody else you were trying to prank. I don't have anything up my sleeves today, no jokes no pranks today because I'm dedicating this post to Red My Lips 2015. Every April throughout the whole month, red lipstick will be worn as a symbol to raise awareness regarding sexual violence, rape and victim blaming. It has been running for 3 years now and I've only just found out. I think it's a really good campaign for people to gain respect and know that one can wear whatever they want (or not wear anything at all) without inviting assault.

For those who can't wear red lips, you can incorporate some form of red lip accessory to your outfit - a brooch, temporary tattoo or one that I find cute is to paint your nails with red lips. It's an international event in conjunction with Sexual Assault Awareness Month so everyone can participate!

You can read about the campaign here in detail :




So I was thinking, there are 30 days in April and I only have 3 really red lipsticks with me right now. I might need to get more or I'll have to use them in rotation which is boring. Apart from promoting this campaign, I have a little tip on wearing red lipstick. Because red is so pigmented, I blot my lips first with the lipstick, then apply another layer. This way there's already an outline and it's easier to layer it. There are matte lip creams for a long lasting pout such as Australis Velour Lips, Savvy Ultra Matte Lip Colour or even NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams which I've been thinking of getting! I suppose pigmented red lips not only make a statement but reinforces the campaign you're supporting don't you think? Also, cool-toned and warm-toned reds do have different effects on the overall complexion. So start buying red lippies or better yet, donate to the cause! Either way, have fun and get the word out!

Red lipstick from this Revlon compact that is so so amazing, Elizabeth Arden lipstick in Brick, Topshop  lipstick in Trigger. 

L-R: Revlon Multi-Use Palette (cool-toned cherry red), Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Brick (warm-toned red), Topshop Creamy Finish Lipstick in Trigger (cool-toned deep red). 

Blotting before applying reduces mistakes. 

Adding a layer after blotting equals perfect pout! 

Revlon Multi-Purpose Palette.  

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Brick. 

Topshop Creamy Finish Lipstick in Trigger. 

 Hope you enjoyed the post and have a great Easter weekend!



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