26 November 2013

Mentholatum Lip Ice Tinted Lip Balm in Baby Pink Strawberry 

Mentholatum is well-known for personal care products especially their lip balms. Years ago, one can almost always see advertisements on TV promoting their lip balms. They were BIG. Are they still? There is a lot of competition today but Lip Ice is still popular, nonetheless. I remember buying their lip balms and applying it for the minty sensation regardless of whether my lips were dry / cracked. I've been through a few lip ice lip balms and have been more than satisfied with their products. One of which is unfortunately no longer available, called Lip Ice French Vanilla. It was a memorable one because of the scent. One of my favourites! Creamy, milky vanilla yet subtle and not overpowering like some of the vanilla flavoured Lip Smackers (you get the idea). Then there's another that I believe is still in the market but I have no recollection of which flavour I bought. Also, another colour-change lip balm that makes me look like I was playing with my mother's makeup as she enters the room and catches me red-handed and had to quickly rub it off - kind of colour. I gave it away almost immediately. And the list goes on. So after going through several lip balms from other brands, I stumbled upon this pretty new release. I had to admit I shy away from tinted / colour change lip balms after the experience with one of Mentholatum's colour change lip balms. Let's see what this has to give:

Packaging - On the outside, looks like a very subtle colour. Nothing in-your-face. I thought it would be a really light colour judging by the container. 

You can see the difference between the colour in the tube and on the container - It's completely different. It's a little misleading if you ask me. 

 Here's the swatches : (Top) One swipe. (Middle) Two swipes. (Bottom) Several swipes. I have to disagree with some reviewers saying that this lip balm is very light. (I read the reviews on the phone standing in the drugstore like an idiot before getting it.) It packs a lot of colour with even one swipe!

Let's see how the colour looks like on my lips. Pictured above; bare lips. 

One swipe.

Two swipes.

Several swipes.

And this is how it looks like on lips - with bare face. Nice colour. I would say it is definitely suitable for warmer skin tones - it doesn't make the skin look pale or anything.

The Verdict 
After using it for a couple of days, I find that it dries my lips. I haven't experienced this before with previous lip ice lip balms, they may have changed the formulations or ingredients (who actually reads the ingredients and compare them one by one? We all douse ourselves in cancerous / harmful / dangerous / toxic substances everyday anyway.) So, it may not be good in the long run as one would expect smoother lips after usage. I've read that certain ingredients (am being serious here) do cause the lips to be drier - camphor and mint. Speaking of which, this doesn't even have the slightest hint of minty sensation in it - why on earth is it still called Lip Ice? The texture of this lip balm is pretty buttery - not waxy at all which is a plus point. But, the fragrance is so strong it gives me a headache. A very strong, synthetic strawberry scent that hits you in the nose when you apply the seemingly innocent tinted lip balm onto your lips. Something that you need to apply right down below your nose shouldn't be so strongly scented in my opinion. It's a huge no-no for those with more sensitive olfactory systems. That aside, it has SPF 15 that protects your lips  from the sun's harmful rays. (Does it sound like it's about the only thing that is valid about this lip balm? Well, I was expecting a lot from this.)
I've listed all the red alerts - Well, one now knows what to expect. Would you be buying this? Tell me!



  1. Pity about it being drying! I love the colour on your lips

    1. Thanks. Yeah, it being drying defeats the whole purpose of being a lip balm.

  2. I'll definitely not be buying this as I'm a homo sapiens of the opposite sex but If I were female I'd have definitely considered buying based on your wonderful review. Keep it up

  3. Thanks for the comment and encouragement :)