31 October 2013

Penhaligon's Peoneve Review

Presenting one of my latest acquisitions : Penhaligon's Peoneve. I've been on the hunt for fragrances after my Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau so Fresh signature scent is down to its last drop. I grew tired of mass market fragrances that in my opinion lack character and originality. I needed something more unique as I believe scents are very personal. Thus, my journey for niche fragrances began.

Penhaligon's Peoneve pictured above together with samples of Gardenia and Malabah

The Gardenia is clean and crisp and I actually love it. It's not a heady gardenia as a lot of fragrances out there. Very surprisingly soothing.

I expected Malabah to be overbearing and spicy but when I tested it on my skin, it's actually very wearable. It has a sense of comfort to it but the hint of spice keeps it interesting. 

And now for the Peoneve:
At first sniff it gives the impression that it is very lush with peonies and roses. It's as if the person wearing it can be seen from afar on a white horse trotting at a steady pace. Excellent posture signifying elegance and finesse. As she draws nearer, her fine tastes can be seen from her choice of clothing, like her timeless tailor-made dress. Nearer yet, her flawless face glows with radiance and subtle makeup that enhances her features. This is the sort of person who wears Peoneve; elegant, classy and even a little arrogant. But, it doesn't end there. Yet when she is an arm's length away, she hops off her horse and hurries to you, takes you by the arm to make you join her in taking off the shoes and smell the roses. She runs across the damp garden full of peonies and roses that has just been showered upon with the lightest raindrops, all the while guiding you by the arm, the air filled with giggles and the balanced scent of green leaves, the earth and flowers. She's a person who is elegant but doesn't mind getting down and dirty, classy but still find joy in the simplest things in life, and arrogant but once you get to know her, she's actually warm and pretty down to earth. 

Top Notes : Violet leaf
Heart Notes : Peony, Bulgarian Rose, Hedione
Base Notes : Vetiver, Musk, Cashmere Wood

This is my take on it and I would say it makes me feel beautiful especially when I'm not in the mood. I wouldn't say it goes well with everything, but summer dresses will definitely go well. And yes, it's safe for the office after the initial piercing violet leaf settles into the heart notes. It is quite a light fragrance (as with most floral fragrances) and doesn't really last that long especially during the day time. (I find that British fragrances are light probably because they are more suitable for their cold and gloomy weather? I live in a humid country and need something that is stronger to last throughout the day). At most it can last 3-4 hours if I'm outdoors. With the sun, it dissipates very quickly. (The thing about niche fragrances is that you can stick your nose to the skin where you sprayed almost right after and it doesn't make you want to sneeze, unlike mass market fragrances. I'm not saying mass market fragrances are all bad I love several creations but they do smell of chemicals which is a shame because I love my Marc Jacobs Eau so Fresh and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle that I just bought. More on that later!) I think this is more suitable for night wear as it is sensual, and it lasts much longer about 5-7 hours, than when used in the day time.  Also, when I spray a little onto my hair at night, the next day I get whiffs of it and I can't get enough of it. It's very more-ish! A very well-balanced scent of green floral. Love, love, love it!

Retails at RM750.


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