17 December 2013

Review & Swatches: Avon Simply Pretty Lipsticks Haul

It's almost Christmas and a great time to indulge and hoard on lipsticks! Lipsticks are perfect for gift-giving and are great stocking stuffers too! These are all from the Simply Pretty line, made especially for Asians so they have a lot of shades that go well with Asian skin tone. There's a few sub-lines that offer a variety of finishes and colour intensity. Here, I've got Simply Pretty Shiny & Sheer, Simply Pretty Colorbliss and Simply Pretty Spring's Sweetheart Colorbliss Lipsticks. I'm sure I'm not the only one having a hard time trying to figure out what the shades in real life look like so I'm going to share with you what I have. I'll swatch them accordingly.

All new and still in their seals. The excitement of opening them up and seeing how the colours are in real life!  

 Avon Simply Pretty Shiny & Sheer Lipsticks. From (L-R) : Juicy Papaya, Buttercup, Raspberry Sorbet, Cinnamon Red. 

 Taken with flash.

 Avon Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lipsticks. From (L-R): Fresh Melon, Pampering Pink.

 Taken with flash.

 Avon Simply Pretty Spring's Sweetheart Colorbliss Lipstick in Carnation Pink. Gorgeous shade as you can swatches below. But practicality of the lipstick in a shape a flower is close to nil. 

 Taken with flash.

 Avon Holiday Delight Lip Balm in Peach.

Taken with flash. 

 Group photo! Haha sounds as if I'm treating them as school children.

Taken with flash.

 Swatches from (L-R) : Holiday Delight Lip Balm in Peach (clear); Simply Pretty Shiny & Sheer Juicy Papaya, Buttercup, Raspberry Sorbet, Cinnamon Red; Simply Pretty Colorbliss Fresh Melon, Pampering Pink; Simply Pretty Spring's Sweetheart in Carnation Pink. 

 Taken with flash. 

Codes of lipsticks taken in the same order as above. (I don't think there's a code for the lip balm).

Swatches will be done in the same order as above as well. 
Avon Simply Pretty Shiny & Sheer Lipstick in Juicy Papaya (frosty). A lovely pink coral shade with shimmer that makes it look frosty. I'm no fan of frosty lipsticks unfortunately, it makes me look so dated. I would have reached for this more if it wasn't because of the frost. 

 Avon Simply Pretty Shiny & Sheer Lipstick in Buttercup (creamy). A pink with beige undertones. 

Avon Simply Pretty Shiny & Sheer Lipstick in Raspberry Sorbet (frosty). A pretty colour as well. Shame it looks frosty on the lips. 

Avon Simply Pretty Shiny & Sheer Lipstick in Cinnamon Red (creamy). A brick-red with hints of brown. It's a tawny shade. From the bullet it looks intimidating because the colour is so deep. But when I applied it, it's actually very sheer. They make my lips look like they're very natural and healthy-looking. My absolute favourite of the lot! Love it to bits! 

 Avon Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lipstick in Fresh Melon (creamy). A vibrant, orange-coral. 

 Avon Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lipstick in Pampering Pink (creamy). A soft pink with warm undertones. 

Avon Simply Pretty Spring's Sweetheart Colorbliss Lipstick in Carnation Pink (creamy). A hot pink with warm undertones. Gorgeous colour but stains like crazy even after five minutes of wearing! 

 On my lips : Avon Simply Pretty Shiny & Sheer in Cinnamon Red. Look at how natural the colour is and how it compliments my warm skin tone so well!  It brightens up the face in an instance! Love, love, love this to bits. (I will hunt for a dupe!)

On my lips: Avon Simply Pretty Spring's Sweetheart Colorbliss Lipstick in Pink Carnation. Nice hot pink with warm undertones! 

Avon Holiday Delight Lip Balm priced at RM9.90 (S&S RM11.40) each. Got mine for RM3.90 (S&S RM4.50) each.

Avon Simply Pretty Lipsticks priced at RM15.90 (S&S RM18.30) each. Got mine for RM7.90 (S&S RM9.10) each.

They're always on sale so keep a lookout on their website's e-Brochures or you can visit Avon boutiques directly!  

The Verdict 
The lip balm is very smooth. The texture is not waxy at all on the lips and it's lightweight. Though it's peach-flavoured, I feel it smells a lot like starfruit. I used to have lots of fresh starfruit so I know what starfruit smells like. (We had a starfruit tree in our compound until we cut it down due to some ants / pests.)

I appreciate the fact that Simply Pretty is made for Asians and the colours would suit Asians / warm skin tones very well. This way I feel a little more carefree in choosing the colours and I don't feel like a misfit. At times when I'm at major / high-end cosmetic counters I feel like a misfit because the colours just wouldn't go with warmer skin tones! 

The lipsticks are of good quality for the asking price. Bear in mind the Simply Pretty Shiny & Sheer line is supposed to be sheer as the name suggests. They perform well for what they are. I have rather pale lips, so a very sheer lipstick would be fine with me, so no problems about that. I wish they would state which shades are frosty / shimmery / creamy as there used to be indications on their brochures. I don't think they have it anymore. It'll be easier for customers to choose their shades based on the finish as well - I, for one would definitely avoid the frosty finishes like the plague. The Colorbliss line offers more solid colours. Some are sheer but colour payoff is still good. Spring's Sweetheart is meant for spring, I suppose. These are usually seasonal and the last I saw they are having a huge sale on them so, they're probably going to be discontinued. The shade I got (Carnation Pink) is so, so pigmented but it stains like crazy. I just don't understand why they shaped the lipstick in the form of a flower (looks like it's meant for kids), yes it may be good to look at but they're so impractical! If they say it's meant for very young girls, I still don't think girls that young would suit such a vibrant colour. (Other colours that were offered were even deeper) They would still have their mums behind their backs telling them what to wear and what not to, and these shades would definitely not be what a mum wants her young daughter to put on. Too much for a young age! That's just my opinion. 

That aside, the texture of all the lipsticks are almost similar, it's got this waxy feeling that is fine with me. A little sticky and leaves lips a little dry but that doesn't really bother me. What bothers the most, and I have to be honest, is the fragrance that comes with the lipsticks. It's strong and pierces the nose when I apply them. They give me a headache too. (Specifically the Avon Simply Pretty lipsticks, I have no problems with their Ultra Color Rich lipsticks.) And if I'm not mistaken, I noticed that these lipsticks make my lips and jaw numb at times. So, for those with sensitive skin just beware. You may just get one or two just to try and see if it works for you. The colours are gorgeous but based on my experience with the fragrance,  I don't think I'll be reaching for these very often. (I'd really envy those without sensitive skin as they have so many shades to choose from and yet very affordable!) 

And oh, a minor peeve, their names are soooooooooo long for a simple lipstick. It's was tiring typing them all out.

I hope my review and swatches has been informative and helpful to you. What do you think of Avon's Simply Pretty Lipsticks? Have you tried them? Do you find it hard to determine the colours from the brochures? Do tell me and leave a comment below! 



  1. Whoaaa, it's all about pink! The "Avon Simply Pretty Spring's Sweetheart Colorbliss Lipstick in Carnation Pink" is in cute shape, but I can see it'll be troublesome when applying because the bullet is too wide.
    "Avon Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lipstick in Fresh Melon" is in cute color and noticeable. My coral lipstick can't be seen perfectly because it's too sheer.

    1. Hey there! Yes the pink carnation (sorry may have switched the order of the two words) is very pigmented though the shape is rather impractical.
      These are all value for money, I'd suggest getting different hues for variety! A girl can never have one too many lipsticks, right? :)

  2. I like their new Magic Lipstick collection! :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony