08 December 2013

Dark Vampy Lips

It's the time of the year again! Time to flaunt those dark, vampy shades of reds, wines and plums on your puckers. It's only normal during autumn / winter seasons. Though I live in a humid country, these bold lips make a statement especially for attending dinner parties that are aplenty during Christmas and the end of the year. I think the lip colours would definitely go hand in hand with the season's heavier fabrics paired with ornate patterns such as velvet, brocade and jacquard. I love, love, LOVE these dark lip colours and would wear them everyday if I could. There's an air of mystery and sophistication about these shades. Let the pictures speak for themselves :

 First up. A bold, deep berry red with slight brown undertones. Looks really good on Asian (yellow-undertone) skin, right? 

Same lip colour with heavier eye makeup as compared to the picture above. I've always read that the only way to balance out a bold lip, is to go easy on the eyes. But I think we need to add on a little drama instead to balance the whole look. We don't have features as distinctive as our European counterparts so the heavier eye makeup would do us justice. (For those with smaller eyes) By heavier eye makeup I mean pile on the neutrals but skip the glitter. 

You wouldn't want your lips to stick out like a sore thumb, would you? The trick is to add depth to eyes; this will create a more balanced look. Skipping eye makeup altogether will make the rest of the face look washed out so beware! 

Another lip colour. This is a very, very dark plum with purple undertones. There is a difference between this and the lip colour above. It looks distinctive in my phone but on my computer screen it's rather similar. Anyways, this is much darker and especially at night, this looks close to a brown-black. But you'll still see some reddish tones due to the purple undertone. Gorgeous colour that brings out brown eyes! 

And you'll never guess where these lip colours are from! You'll be pleasantly surprised just like I am!

Click here for The Reveal!



  1. Did you use lip pencil to outline before putting on the colours? is it a must to do it? something's still holding me back from getting those red lipsticks (+pencils). How do I eat with them on my lips? :O I reckon it'll get messy :/ any tips? THANKS Polkadotpaw! <3

    1. Hey there! I'm supposed to outline my lips before putting on the colour. It's better that way for dark colours as it'll look neater. But I've yet to get lip pencils - I usually use nudes / pinks so there's no need for that. Depending on the lip colour some do bleed & feather easily. It's better to line lips before putting on colour, especially darker colours.

      I suppose eating with them is fine. Only the wiping up part. Need to carefully blot and dab with tissue (DO NOT RUB) on lips. In my next post, I'll be revealing where these lipsticks are from and I'm pretty sure there'll be little reason to refrain from getting them! Stay tuned!


    2. Thank you polkadotpaw! I've finally gotten the guts to get myself a NYX511 CHAOS and DEEP RED Liner Pencil! Using the liner definitely helps a lot with application of the lip color on. Still trying to get the hang of it!

      Saw your reveal! Can't believe it!! it's been ages since I've came across AVON. How did you get them? Walk in or did you order from someone? :)


    3. Wow! So glad for you! Can't wait to see it on you!

      We've got AVON boutiques. Bought my products directly from them. You can search for their branches on their website as well. They've got quite a few branches in KL/PJ area.