10 December 2013

Dark Vampy Lips - The Reveal : Avon

The best places to source for pigmented and a wide array of lipstick shades would be stores like Inglot or MAC. (Think of the makeup-academy-like stores) They carry colours from one end to another in the spectrum. However, I don't have a store like that anywhere near me. The nearest would be 1,863 kilometres away separated by the sea.

I'm almost at my wit's end on finding deep reds, berries and plums for my lips in my hometown for the holiday season. There are no departmental stores carrying higher-end brands here so that limits my options to drugstore brands. Most drugstore brands sadly don't carry darker shades anymore either. Even if there were, they wouldn't be as pigmented as I want them to be and wouldn't give me the effect that I'm looking for.

I almost gave up until...

I heard a voice telling me, "Why don't you try Avon?"
I went to their franchise, I flipped through their attractive brochures and lo and behold found the most amazing colour. They coincidentally had sample sizes for sale for the particular colour I wanted so I picked it up, brought it home and couldn't believe my eyes when I applied and saw the colour on my lips. The Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Cherry Jubilee (featured in my previous post). I read some reviews online about it and apparently it has its cult followers - one reviewer even said that when people found out the Cherry Jubilee she is wearing which she receives tons of compliments for is from Avon, their eyes bug out. My sentiments exactly. (Surprised and impressed at the same time)

Long ago, I've used their lip glosses and they didn't work out for me. I felt stinging sensations right after I applied it and had to quickly remove it. I tried several other lip glosses from Avon at some point but still was allergic to them. So after several disappointments I never really bought any of their products anymore until now. And I'm really impressed! Thankfully I'm not allergic to my new-found love Cherry Jubilee or I would have kicked myself. (Though I can't really take the scent that comes together with the lipsticks which sometimes give me a headache especially from the Simply Pretty line) I very soon bought some other shades from boutiques that carry both current and discontinued products (but are still safe to use as the expiration dates are printed on the package). One of which I love lots as well, as featured in my previous post, Avon Simply Pretty Valentine Brights Colorbliss Lipstick in Pure Plum.

Quick fact : Simply Pretty is a line under Avon that formulates shades specifically for Asian women and is sold in Asian markets. So, rest assured if you're Asian, they almost certainly will not carry shades that are too blue-based that make you look washed out.

One thing about Avon is that they have attractive brochures that show you the shades but unfortunately don't tally in real life. They don't provide testers, so it's a hit or miss if you buy their products. To be on the safer side, it's best to just see swatches online but there aren't many reviews and clear swatches especially for the Simply Pretty line so it's hard to tell just by looking at the brochures. They also change and replace their shades pretty often so it's hard to keep track and actually annoying for those who want consistency.

Here are the pictures:

Simply Pretty lipsticks are housed in purple plastic casing. It's even more inexpensive than the Ultra Color Rich line. Pigmentation wise it's decent, but not as pigmented as the latter.

(L-R) : Simply Pretty Colorbliss Serene Red, Simply Pretty Colorbliss Rich Terracotta, Simply Pretty Valentine Brights Colorbliss Pure Plum (discontinued), Ultra Color Rich Cherry Jubilee (sample size), Ultra Color Rich Berry Nice. 

Swatches in the same order as above. 
(L-R) : Serene Red, Rich Terracotta, Pure Plum, Cherry Jubilee, Berry Nice.

Avon Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lipstick in Serene Red. Pink with a hint of red. It looks somewhat frosty in real due to the shimmer. 

Avon Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lipstick in Rich Terracotta. A brick red brown that leans more towards brown.

 Avon Simply Pretty Valentine Brights Lipstick in Pure Plum. A rich, plum shade with purple undertones. 

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in Cherry Jubilee. Still my favourite. The colour is really suitable for Asian / warm complexions and gives colour to the face. A deep red without looking goth-like. 

Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Berry Nice. A bright red with a hint of coral that is absolutely gorgeous. Reminds me of geishas and everything Oriental. (This looks totally different from the shade in the catalogue.)

 This is the sample size Cherry Jubilee I first bought and immediately fell in love with. I've read somewhere that it's similar to MAC Media but I've yet to confirm. 

I hurried to get another two of the same shade in Cherry Jubilee. They were on a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion and I couldn't seem to choose another shade. I'm fixated on this. RM21.90 (S&S RM25.20) for both lipsticks. At this point, I wouldn't trade these for anything else!

The Verdict
There are people who swear by Avon lipsticks and I now see the reason why. They're Affordable (with a capital A), pigmented and long-lasting.

Simply Pretty is targeted at younger consumers (teens to young adults) so for the lipsticks they have a lot of wearable everyday shades to choose from. Two of the shades I chose are a little too dark for my liking (for everyday) so I've yet to find something I'm truly comfortable with. I prefer something barely there for everyday. It's either barely-there shades or strong, bold statement lip colours but nothing in between. (Can't stand the feeling of being neither here nor there, haha) I'd probably try the Simply Pretty Shiny & Sheer line for more sheer colours next!

As for the Ultra Color Rich line, they are smooth, very pigmented, packs a lot of colour in just one swipe - they're comparable to high-end brands! They have a lot of deep, dark shades that most drugstore brands don't carry and is hard to find for similar prices. Also, they don't seep into lines or dry patches on the lips which is a major plus point. This can't be more perfect for those of you who are beginners or wanting to try new shades but hesitant to fork out a lot of cash because you don't know if it works for you. Also you'd want to collect as many shades as possible with the same amount of money that may only be good for a single high-end item without compromising on quality! For the price and quality, it's definitely a steal! I highly recommend these and will definitely be purchasing more!

You can keep a lookout for promotions on e-Brochures which can be found on Avon's website. Try them to see if you like them!

Hope you enjoyed my review. Have you tried Avon products? Were they hits or misses for you? Do tell me!



  1. I cannot tell you the last time I used Avon products! I may need to revisit them :) The colors are beautiful on you.

  2. With all the new brands coming up it's easy to forget Avon. I think they're very reliable because they're always there when you need something on a budget. :) Thanks!